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Thank you for your interest in joining the Christian Real Estate Network (CREN). We want to welcome you and thank you for visiting! Since 2002, we have been able to assist thousands of different families through the buying and selling process by referring them to Christian real estate agents and mortgage brokers that they can trust.

As a mortgage broker, you know how thrilling it can be to help people through the home financing or refinancing process. Whether through answering questions, counseling and hand-holding through the various stages of the process, and even praying with clients when the time is right. Like you, we are passionate about the people we serve and want to give them the best we have to offer while meeting their needs. 

Every day people from around the country are coming to CREN to work with agents and mortgage brokers they can trust. Our members seek to fill that need. 


Membership Benefits

  • Receive leads generated by CREN for home financing/refinancing.

  • Leads are exclusively assigned - no competing with other CREN mortgage broker members.

  • Send/Receive financing/refinancing leads from other members of CREN nationwide.

  • Network and work side-by-side with CREN real estate agents

  • Access our private CREN Facebook Group (1,500+ members) for fellowship, networking and sending/receiving leads.


How Leads from CREN work

  • Financing & refinancing leads come in to CREN regularly - we exclusively assign these leads to a mortgage broker member on a rotation basis. Often these leads are buyers that have already been assigned a real estate agent member to work with as well.


Membership fees

  • $149 Annual membership fee

  • If you do not receive at least 5 leads from CREN during the membership term (12 mos.) we will waive the annual renewal fee.



On the form below you will be asked whether or not you are a Christian and what Church you currently attend.  We ask this simply because our clients ask us regularly for mortgage broker from a particular denomination.  We do everything we can to honor those requests and if a client asks to refer them to a Christian mortgage broker, or specifies they want to work with someone that attends a particular Church, we do our best to fulfill those requests.  However, please note that if you are not a Christian, you still have every right to be a member of the Christian Real Estate Network.  You will not be denied leads, or any benefits that come with being included in our database.  We have no intention of discriminating against anyone in this way and will honor any mortgage broker’s request for inclusion into the database.  For more information regarding the Fair Housing rules on this matter, please click here and reference section 806.



  • If you are signing up as a Christian Brokerage and not as an individual, please note that in the comments and be sure to provide the contact information for the primary contact person at your firm.

  • Please list the primary area (generally the metro area) that you prefer to receive leads in. You may also list up to 5 states to receive leads for listed by priority.

  • Any other questions? Email or text message: (888) 295-5199

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