Thank you for your interest in the Christian Real Estate Network. We want to welcome you and thank you for visiting! Since 2002, we have been able to send out literally thousands of referrals to agents around the country. It has been a thrill to be able to help people with the biggest transaction of their lives. Whether through praying, counseling them through a decision to buy or sell, and even referring them to an agent when the time is right. We are passionate about the people we serve and we want to give them the best we have to offer.



Over the years, we have tried many different membership based models that included everyone from real estate agents, to loan officers and even appraisers and home inspectors. 

But when we re-launched the network in 2010, we recognized the challenges that many agents were facing. Being a part of an exclusive membership network is an outdated idea. We realize that, which is why we have completely re-thought the CREN membership plan.   In fact, we have eliminated it altogether. When the rubber meets the road, our customers simply want someone that is highly knowledgeable, trustworthy & friendly. Our goal is to give that to them by opening up our large database of agents and referring these customers to an agent that is the best possible fit for them and their situation.  After you complete the form below, you're in the database and you're there for life... no annual dues, no renewals.



Referrals are purely sent out based on what is the best fit for our customer and past performance with previous referrals we have sent. Below you will find our form to be included in our database. This is not an application, and there is no approval/denial process. As soon as you hit "submit", you will be included in the database after a brief review.  This will give you the chance chance to receive referrals from us if we come across a customer that we feel is a good fit for you. It's that simple.



Upon closing of the referral, we ask for a 25% referral fee (gross commission before broker splits, on your side of the transaction) that helps us pay for overhead expenses. We do ask that you update us periodically as much as possible on your progress with each client. We keep close tabs on on each customer and you should expect to see correspondence from us regularly asking for status updates on each referral.



On the form below you will be asked whether or not you are a Christian and what Church you currently attend.  We ask this simply because our customers ask us regularly and quite often request an agent from a particular denomination.  We do everything we can to honor those requests and if a customer asks us to refer them to a Christian agent, or specifies they want to work with an agent that attends a particular Church, we do our best to fulfill those requests.  However, please note that if you are not a Christian, you still have every right to be a part of this network.  You will not be denied referrals, or any benefits that come with being included in our agent database.  We have no intention of discriminating against anyone in this way and will honor any real estate agent's request for inclusion into the database.  For more information regarding the Fair Housing rules on this matter, please click here and reference section 806.



  • We are not currently accepting loan officers into our database.
  • You must be a licensed Realtor® to complete this form.
  • Please complete each field with as much detail as possible.  The most important fields are the ones that describe your location (cities, zip, counties, etc.)  This helps us distribute referrals effectively.
  • Do not list cities/counties that are outside of your reasonable coverage area.  In other words, do not list every city in a 100 mile radius to receive more referrals.  You will be promptly removed from the database.
  • If you are unsure whether or not you are already in the database, please DO NOT complete this form.  Call us instead so we can verify you: 877-800-4300
  • If you need to simply update your contact information, please use our contact form.

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